Alexander Technique Yoga Clarinet

Alexander Technique for clarinetists



Thousands of musicians and music students worldwide benefit from the Alexander Technique. It is an integral part of training at many major music colleges around the world. The Alexander Technique creates efficiency and freedom in movement, minimising mental, emotional and physical stress often associated with music making.

Clarinet playing

The Alexander Technique works on improving the delicate relationships between the head, neck, torso, arms and legs. You can learn to play the clarinet without squeezing the arms into the ribcage, which is giving more space for your breathing and liberates the movements of the fingers as well. There are also ways of working with your sound, aiming at maximum resonance with minumum strain. When playing the clarinet becomes less strenious, you might find it also more enjoyable.


Overuse injury or repetitive strain injury can be effectively addressed using the Alexander Technique. Repeating the same movement patterns over and over again tends to create increasing tension. In your Alexander-lessons, I will show you, how to step out of that vicious circle and return swiftly into a neutral state.  You can learn to do this when you have a break or even during playing.